One of the most frequently asked questions by Non-Mason’s is “How does a man become a Mason?” First and foremost, remember Masons don’t ask people to join the fraternity! Doing so is contrary to Masonic philosophy. A Mason may talk about Masonry, or even invite friends to lodge functions. But he will never ask or persuade another to join.

There is logic in only allowing members into our ranks who ask for it. Joining Masonry is a big commitment. It includes making obligations to live a moral and honest life, filled with integrity and honor. It includes a commitment to place ultimate trust in God, and trust in your fellow Masons. The act of making such a commitment is highly personal, and should be left completely up to the individual.

Once you have taken the first step, you will need to fill out a petition and pay the lodge a fee to cover the cost of advancing through the 3 degrees of Masonry (building rental, etc). An investigative committee will be assigned and interviews will be setup. The purpose of this investigative committee is to verify that the applicant:

* Is male & is at least 18 years old
* Is sound in mind and body*
* Believes in living an ethical and moral life.
* Professes a belief in a higher power or Deity
* Desires to join Masonry under his own free will and to participate
* Has known a Mason for at least 6 months

Once the investigative committee has fully interviewed the applicant, his membership in the lodge is voted upon. During the Lodge’s business meeting, all Master Masons in good standing are asked to cast a secret ballot. If the balloting is unanimous, the new member is admitted.

*of sound body doesn’t omit physically challenged people from joining Masonry, many do. It comes from the historical Requirements of an Operative Mason


The first step in your Masonic journey is for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. You can click on the link below to join our Meetup Group. Or, just come and join us every 4th Monday of the month. It is held at The Beerhive Pub and starts at 6:30p.